Shamanic healing

Shamanism is an ancient method of healing found in many cultures that focuses upon the relief of spiritual pain and suffering through interventions in non-ordinary reality ( trance state). Non-ordinary reality can be described as the dimension of the Cosmos that exists outside of and parallel to the linear time-space arena of ordinary awareness. What distinguishes the shaman from other healers is the ecstatic flight or journey into non-ordinary reality in order to contact his or her tutelary spirits for the knowledge and healing needed for a specific patient or community.

When it comes to shamanic healing, the shaman essentially works in tandem with spirits, often called ‘helper spirits’, in the spiritual realms. They will ‘summon’ these spirits to repair a soul, who may then experience real, physical healing in the earth realm. In order to contact these spirits, the shaman will have to go on a journey by entering a trance state. 
The shaman asks their helper spirits to invoke shamanic healing by pulling unwanted energy from the sufferer’s oversoul as well as retrieving lost spirit guides and animals.
People who have been through a life-altering trauma, whether mental or physical, may have lost a part of their soul or damaged their ‘spiritual force field’. This makes them vulnerable to illness, bad luck, and depression. A shaman will go into the spirit world and heal their soul, either through their own efforts or by talking to spirit guides/animals.

Who might this work be suitable for?
There are many reasons why people feel ‘dis-ease’ within themselves and their reasons seeking for help 
can be many. The following examples are some of the common themes that this work addresses and may resonate with you.
-Somatic symptoms experienced in the body (pain, discomfort or unexplained symptoms)
-Obtaining more energy and freedom
-Finding clarity around your inner challenges
-Identifying what is preventing you from recognising your challenges
-Finding your voice
-Relational issues that challenge aspects of yourself
-Navigating your inner direction around purpose

Shifts are usually felt immediately in the body, but they and other changes will continue to have their effect in the body-mind over time and in most cases there will be offered some additional actions to carry out as a means to support the changes experienced. With this approach to working, it is advisable give some time for reflection with a diary, noting your dreams, paying attention to your general outlook and mood which helps further support the integration of the process. This guideline will depend on the nature of the presenting concern and with respect to your own discretion. 
For some people two healing sessions is enough ,but for the best result I recommend three healing sessions with 1-3 weeks in between.


1 shamanic healing 160€
2 shamanic healings 230€
3 shamanic healings 450€

Please note that this work is in no way a substitute for seeking professional medical advice from a healthcare professional under any circumstances. If in doubt you should get in contact and discuss what the most appropriate choices for your particular circumstances are.

If you have any questions or if you are wondering if shamanic healing is a good match for you, you are welcome to schedule a free clarity call with me:


" Marika did a shamanic healing on me because I was experiencing intense pain in my right shoulder that wouldn`t get better, no matter what I tried. At that time my mother`s death day was coming up and I was swamped with work, not feeling I had the time to grieve. When Marika shared what she saw during the healing it was so accurate - like that I needed to be nurtured like a child. The healing was powerful and I got a fever right afterwards, which really helped me to let go of pain on a physical level and integrate the healing from Marika. My shoulder felt so much better afterwards. Thank you, Marika, it`s obvious you`ve been a healer in many lifetimes!"
- Lilith Moon -

" I would recommend Marika`s shamanic healing sessions. Marika is a really intuitive healer. Her session was absolutely beautiful and I could feel it working on me even though it was long distance. I had physical and spiritual healing! The insights that Marika got were so insightful and made me emotional. I felt a huge shift after the healing! "
- Dawn Love -

" Shamanic healing is truly a lifechanging experience with a lot of positive changes. Coming to Marika is like being hugged by a varm and loving energy. All of my senses was included in the healing.  The healing session was relaxing but at the same time powerful and highfrequent and I experienced it in every cell of my body. Afterwards I was tired, but only a few days later I felt a stability and safeness that I had not experienced before. It really felt that the broken part of me was now healed. It was an amazing journey that I truly can recommend for everybody who wish to heal themselves and grow on a personal level.